Discussion thread: how are you?

Hi everyone,

It seems like right now, wherever in the world you happen to be, you are living in some kind of quarantine. Felt like now would be an opportune moment to kick off a discussion thread—always felt like newsletter writing is too much of a monologue from me. I know some of you do write back but it would be nice to hear from more of you. Substack recently opened this function so giving it a shot: some virtual solidarity in these truly unprecedented times.

I’ll kick it off with a few questions but feel free to chime in as you wish

  • What does quarantine look like where you are? How are you spending your time—reading, writing, cooking, what else? Share some recomendations📺👨🏻‍🏫📚!

  • Whats the general perception of China in your country at the moment? I sense there is a rising tide of anger in India most visible on Twitter—are you feeling the same? Id like to hear more.

  • Whats making you laugh in these uncertain times? Humor is important and Coronavirus is inspiring some excellent memes, Tiktoks, songs, etc. Share you favourite ones here.

  • What should this newsletter do more? What kind of topics would you like me to cover? different kinds of media? should I start some kind of group for more intimate sharing (wechat? slack? others).

Over to you,